PASS offers a range of business development services to Clients on a cost sharing and/or commercial basis. The services include: -  

  • Feasibility studies.
  • Development of business plans.
  • Capacity building– e.g. in specific technical areas.
  • Organization of farmers into groups, which can be used as focal points for contract
  • farming, input supply credit, produce-price negotiations and provision of advisory service. 
  • Marketing and market linkages.


Traditional Guarantee

PASS’ original product which has been finetuned and grown over the past 17 years. Based on a business plan, PASS is providing the banks with a 60% guarantee (up to 80% for women) of the loan amount. Beneficiaries can be individuals (SMEs or farmers) or farmer groups. PASS can provide BDS services (feasibility studies, development of business plans, training or organisation of farmer groups).


Traditional guarantee – large enterprises

PASS has modified the traditional guarantee to serve demand in the market by also targeting large enterprises. In this case the need for BDS services is generally less. The criteria for servicing larger clients is that they should be important drivers in the value chains and smaller agribusiness entrepreneurs should benefit e.g. in the form of access to inputs or access to market.


Portfolio Guarantee

Portfolio guarantee was introduced in 2012. The bank identifies a group of agribusiness entrepreneurs and PASS provides a portfolio guarantee based on an application submitted by the bank. Assessment of the individual farmer is done by bank.


 Linkage Banking Guarantee

Smaller community banks/MFIs are closer to the farmers and see agriculture as an attractive market. In some cases, they are constrained by undercapitalisation. PASS guarantees a loan from a large commercial bank to a smaller financial institution which on-lends to agribusiness entrepreneurs. PASS can in parallel provide traditional guarantees to the smaller financial institution to Agribusiness entrepreneurs and provide BDS. 




 Agribusiness Incubation Centre AIC

AIC was established in 2015 to incubate high potential SMEs and through mentorship and business development services to support the incubates in developing and growing. 



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